Our Services

Hair Cut

  • 120Standard cut & beard trim 
  • 90Standard Cut Clean & Simple - 30 Minutes
  • 60Buzz Cut Clippers only cut all over - 15 minutes
  • 60Junior Cut Junior Under 12 years old – 15 minutes
  • 125Skin Fade Haircut blends to skin on back and side - 45 Minutes
  • 285 +Hair Color natural look hair dye – 60 minutes
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  • 50/75Beard TrimA tidy-up for the beard trim and conditioning
    treatment 15 to 30 Minutes
  • 30line it Up Straight Razor line up with hot and cold towel up15 min
  • 90Traditional Hot and Cold towel Straight Razor Clean shave -15 minutes
  • 35Stache Trim Straight up moustache trim 10 Minutes
  • 60 +Beard Color natural look hair dye 30 Minutes
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Packages & Combo 1

  • 150Haircut & Beard Trim + Lining with Hot &
    cold Towel - 45 Minutes
  • 165Haircut & Clean Shave with Hot & Cold
    Towel – 45 Minutes
  • 150Head Shaving & Beard Trim + Lining with
    Hot & Cold Towel – 45 Minutes
  • 165Head Shaving & Clean Shave with Hot &
    Cold Towel – 45 Minutes


  • 25Nose Wax
  • 25Ear Wax
  • 25Eyebrow Thread

Hair Treatment

  • 30Hot Oil
  • 40Hair Spa
  • 70Scalp Treatment
  • 300 +Keratin Treatment
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Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is a form of semi permanent hair removal which removes hair from the root,
which means hair should not grow back for four to six weeks

  • Full Back170
  • Full Front Chest95
  • Shoulders65
  • Abdomen90
  • Arms70
  • Legs70
  • Under Arms65
  • Full Body350
  • Full Face Waxing70
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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Treatment is where your hands or feet are dipped several times into heated paraffin to soothe aching joints and soften skin.

  • Hands40
  • Feet40
  • Both Hands & Feet70
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Manicure & Pedicure

A cosmetic treatment for your hands and feet where your nails are cleaned and file and dead skin is removed and softened

  • Hands80
  • Feet100
  • Both Hands & Feet160
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  • 9090 Minutes
    16060 Minutes
    BACHELOR BALINESE MASSAGE Bachelor Balinese Massage is a full- body
    deep- tissue, holistic treatment
  • 10030 Minutes
    18060 Minutes
    SWEDISH MASSAGE A technique to relax the entire body through
    rubbing the muscles with long guiding strokes in
    the direction of the blood returning to the heart
  • 7015 Minutes
    9030 Minutes
    HEAD MASSAGE head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment
    that uses acupressure massage on the head, face,
    neck and shoulders.
  • 9015 Minutes
    15030 Minutes
    IN “N” OUT MASSAGE IN “N”OUT MASSAGE Short on time. Relax
    and enjoy with our 30 Minutes back neck
    and shoulder massage
  • 200 
    HOTSTONE MASSAGE A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy.
    It's used to help you relax and ease tense muscles
    and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.
  • 7515 Minutes
    15030 Minutes
    SPORTS MASSAGE A form of bodywork to help prevent injuries and
    help the body recover from workouts pre and
    post events
  • 9030 Minutes
    17060 Minutes
    MELTDOWN MASSAGE meltdown massage uses a unique technique to help
    loosen muscles. By doing so, The muscle are
    more susceptible to treatment.
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